Fast Link is part of 24 years old Management Consultancy Group based in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in outsourcing high quality Manpower & HR outsourcing Services.

helmet_blue_print_tools_800_clr_8584We are your one stop destination to attaining the right talent for your company. We supply labor, manage their transfers and their payroll for you. We are providing Executive Search Services to MNCs & large local groups in UAE.

Our focus is on solving the Human Resource requirements of the business world, by providing exemplary service and dedication to our clients. Due to our long presence and focused approach we have been able to maintain good business relationship with our existing clients.


Company Policy

Fast Link distinguishes itself in the market by viewing each new client as a unique business entity offering them not only professional services but innovative management solutions as well. Creation of a quality business culture, which facilitates the perfect blend of the individual and the business environment, is a primary objective of its approach and is deemed essential for the achievement and sustenance of success.

Company Mission

At Fast Link, we are concerned with value systems, the value system of the individual and the value system of our institution. The importance of a value system is that it lives in our true being and determines the quality of our lives, which in turn determines the quality of our work.

Fast Link believes not in getting work done through people but to inspire and develop people through their work. We are a company aspiring for a higher quality of life. This aspiration gives shape to our lives and contributes to our evolution and that of the environment, in which we live and grow.

The creation of a quality culture which facilitates the perfect blend of the individual with the business environs in which we operate is deemed essential at Fast Link

A positive and healthy value system is essential for achievement and sustenance of success.